Neymar or Icons?

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Currently rocking something like this, though I swap players around often. I’m having issues though getting my two main players on full chem (Bernard and Ben Yedder). I switch in game to 352 or 3412 with Bernard and WBY occupying 2 of the 3 ST/ST/CAM positions


So I have around 1mil available and Nesta will be arriving from swaps soon enough. My goal is to buy one or a couple of impact players that will also help my other guys get on full chem. Currently the best ideas I can come up with are:

A- buy Neymar. This is what it would look like in game after switching (everyone would be full chem except Dembele on 7 or 8)


B- buy 2 icons plus scream payet for Ben yedders chem. Maybe Gattuso and Baggio or Vieri. Or one of the cheaper French ones.


Also I had Sissoko in these screenshots but I think swapping in either Fernandinho or Allan who I both have won’t change any of the chem, just didn’t feel like redoing the screenshots. I can probably even keep giovinco in the squad if I get Gattuso and Pires but idk about Pires.

Either of these plans sound like a winner? Or any better suggestions?
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