Training Players - Bug

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Not sure if this is a known bug as I've given Fifa20 a wide berth given the shambles on release......

Manager Career Mode -

Noticed these issues regarding training players:-

Youth Team - Do not have an option to train youth players or those that are promoted into the first team squad.
Newly acquired Players - When you buy a player, he does not appear in the training selection screen??


  • Eddie
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    I’ve been training youth players just fine.
  • lenny0121
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    I've not had that. I'm into my 2nd season
  • Addicksfan
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    @Eddie @lenny0121 Thanks chaps....strange.....I've tried starting a new career twice with Charlton and both times the issue occurs, might try it with another team to see if the same problem presents itself
  • Addicksfan
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    OK, so restarted a Charlton career and the bug is still there, have three youth players, 2 are Midfielders and 1 is an attacker, only the attacker is visible in the training selection screen, the midfielders do not appear. Another kinda game breaking bug......
  • Addicksfan
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    Right I worked out why certain players were missing and therefore unable to be trained.

    So the team I'm using is Charlton and in the training menu they do not have an option to select wingers as they have no recognised wingers at the club. So if you purchase a winger or have youth that are wingers you can't train them as the winger option will not appear.

    I edited Oztumer so that he became a winger and re-started a new save and sure enough I now have the option to train wingers
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