FIFA 20 is Dead

The title may be a bit extreme to some, but to me, it is exactly how I feel about this game. I've had FIFA 20 for less than 2 months and I'm already over it. This is another $60 I've gone and wasted on a FIFA game, and my disappointment grows with each year. The hype that they create around the new game each year is unbelievable and I (because I'm naive and a sucker for anything football) get sucked in, thinking it's going to be AMAZING and BETTER than previous years. But this time around, it's actually dropped drastically.

I know that there are posts like these that already exist, but I took my time to find this forum and actually make a post, just to show how disappointed I am in this game.

Free Kicks and Penalties
Why the change? What exactly was wrong with the previous free-kick/penalty dynamics in FIFA 19? Okay, instead of an arrow you give us a circle so that we have more "control" over the placement of our shots. Nice concept. But what's the point if the range grows with more power? I'm taking a penalty and if I want the shot to be just inside the circle, guaranteed my shot has no power in it whatsoever. I enjoyed being able to step back like David Luiz and strike through the ball with immense power after a strong run-up. Now.. My penalties are saved 98% of the time. Free-kicks are such a disappointment as well. That's great that we can do knuckle balls, add curve and swerve and all that good stuff. Maybe it's just me and I can't take free-kicks, but whenever I strike the ball, it's like a lobbed cross instead of a strike. I've taken free-kicks with several players just to practice and I still can't get over that gliding feeling of the ball in the air. Especially from distance..

Career Mode
Like many people who buy FIFA, we LOVE career mode. I love to be able to build a team from the ground up. Teams made of real/regenerated/youth academy players. Its exciting to watch players develop into the best version of themselves in-game. So.. Why has career mode been so neglected? And yes it really has been neglected. Maybe it's because FUT is where the money is? I have no clue, and I'm not about to start making conclusions about anything. I just want to know why we have to wait 2-3 years for new features to be added to career mode. Especially when it is THE MAIN REASON I buy FIFA.

It's great that we can now create our manager. We can change their clothes and their hairstyles and how they look in the middle of our careers.. Great. Fantastic. So what? I give the manager a name, country of origin and frankly, I don't change the outfit as much when my main focus is the team. But that's just me, people really enjoy that addition and I can see why. It does have it's upsides.

Player Position Change
Now,.. Why can't we change our players' positions the same way we change the manager's clothes? I know that you can go to the main page and click "Edit Real Player" and change the position that way, but why go through all that trouble for one player every career mode you do? And on top of that, I like youth academy teams more than real players. If anyone has watched YouTube gamers such as Cutzy, he would get a gem of a player that is a RB and turn them into a striker because at 6'6 and 5 star Weak Foot and Skill Moves.. why would he want him to sit as a RB? Then he needs to train him up so he has decent CF stats so he is decent to play with up top. Why can't we just have the ability to change a player's position and call it a day? The freedom to get a massive player at 6'4 and turn him from a LB to a CB, or a CB who is 5'8 with 4 star weak foot and skill moves who can become a winger or CAM or CM would be something special. And yes, theoretically you can do that, but I'm talking about the position change in the player bio. For someone like me who loves the order of things (might be my OCD.. definitely is) I would rather see CAM as his main position rather than CB.

Youth Scouting
Lord knows how much I love to send a scout to a country and uncover gems. I can have players from all over the globe join my team at 15/16 and play them until they are on the world's best players. Yay club legends are born! Can't get enough. But I've had enough seeing the same countries every single year. Maybe it's a legal thing, I don't know.. But why can't we have more countries to scout from? It would be awesome to have an amazing CB from the Caribbean island of St.Lucia playing for my team. Or a striker with the skills and finesse of Ronaldinho from Afghanistan. A goalkeeper from Panama or a tricky winger from Singapore. Having those options would be fantastic. And it also prevents the game from being flooded with youth players from Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Spain (the main countries people scout from). I would just love to see more countries added to the Global Scouting list.

Potential Re-Work and Morale
This re-work has to be the BEST thing that has ever happened to career mode. Especially for people like me who love to see young players who we consider hidden gems, reach potential of Ronaldo and Messi in-game without having to loan glitch them. Unrealistic, absolutely, but that's the point of a video game. If I wanted to watch a player develop naturally, I would just watch live football and leave it at that. Now, this update has given players the ability to go from 65 potential, to having the potential to be a star, I've taken 55 rated players and turned them to 94 rated players by playing them and keeping them happy. That's awesome to me. However.. It really is a pain when you can't have a team above 18 players. If you think you can build an A and B squad of players who are world beaters, think again. Your starting 11 can go on to have the Has Potential To Be Special status. Maybe 2/3 of your substitutes can get it as well. But the other players? They are unhappy and remain unhappy after the first month or so into your career mode. And because their potential is connected to their morale (it plays a major part after performance), their potentials drop ridiculously quick. I've had youth players who had potential to be special status, and after 5 months of not playing, their potential dropped to showing great potential or even "Has been at the club since 2021". That means that their potential is below 80.. It is so difficult to keep players happy even when they are in the first team.. I've had players come to me after playing 10 straight games and say "Boss if I don't get regular playing time I will have to find my opportunities elsewhere." That BAFFLES me because I'm getting these messages after substituting them after 10 games!!!! They are fatigued from playing games back to back to back, and the moment I sub them or don't play them for one match so they get rested, they come and complain about their play time, How is that realistic in the slightest? And at 19/20 years old? Really? This needs to be addressed because I lose so many good players ans potentials due to them playing 4 or 5 LESS games than other players. That doesn't even make sense. You're trying to tell me that a player's potential is dependent on one or two substitutions a season? Really?

The contract situation isn't huge, but it is very annoying. I basically have to offer players new contracts every season because they are doing well. And the reason this is annoying is because players' morale is affected by contracts. If their needs are not met then they get frustrated and start submitting transfer requests. You then get messages from the board and maybe even get fired. Players who submit transfer or loan requests can't have contract negotiations. This is a continuous and annoying cycle that happens so quickly.

These are just some issues that I would like to see addressed. People may disagree with some of these, but it is just my personal take on the game, Again, I am disappointed with this game's career mode once again this year. It needs to improve honestly. Its almost as if EA are just giving players massive potentials to keep people attracted, but it will die out eventually.


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