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Did anyone take 86 Kluivert?

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I took Crespo , no regrets really like him.

But I signed up to EAs mailing list for the free icon loan player. Got 86 Kluivert for 3 games.

I really liked him scored 7 in the first 2 games with a couple of assists. 3rd game I got owned so barely had a shot.

He felt really good, got the ball from under his feet really quickly, big strides similar to Aubamayang. Felt a lot more agile than his stats suggest.Gonna try pick him up when I have the coins.

Anyone used him for longer, did you like him?


  • BeardGang
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    I’m gonna do him when I can be bothered think I have 5 swaps left over from Carlos. Might take me a few years
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