Andy signing off

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I can't believe that José Mourinho has stolen my thunder. I'll get straight to the point instead of stringing this out :)

I'm leaving EA and my last day is this Friday (22nd Nov).

It wasn't an easy decision to come to, I've enjoyed my time working at EA, and especially on FIFA. For now, I'm off on a new adventure.

This is a great community that is extremely passionate about a game it loves and I've had a great time interacting over the last couple of years, even if it didn't always result in an outcome some of you hoped to see.

Keep on giving (constructive ;) ) feedback and know that what you say isn't lost, even if it doesn't always look like that feedback is taken on board - it is.

Mr @EA_Roger will be taking over things from a FIFA point of view. Be nice.

Thanks for everything, it's been great!


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