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In Brazil:
- Problems

* Enter pro clubs mode: To enter pro clubs mode, we need to make a bug like (You tube - FIFA20) going out like this, loses the connection and then we can enter pro clubs.

* Game Lobby: If you wait too long in the game lobby, it does not find match, bug the players and who wants to enter it can. You need to leave the lobby session and come back again.

* Uniform change: The count of 10 seconds sometimes counts again and we know that the player has fallen out of nowhere.

* Connection: The club that pulls the game, gets heavier and ends up with bad connection and slow players.

* During games: Many automatic pass errors. Players near bug while taking the ball. Many leftovers, without any movement of the player.

* Overhall: Not counting or adding to what you do in the field.

There are numerous errors and bugs in the game. And I will say. They promised that gameplay and play in other ways would be equal. But the reality that pro clubs does not have the same reality as any other game mode.

We need them to value the people who are trying for visibility, we show you the power of that. Today, there are about 30 countries performing well in this sport, even an amateur federation or amateur organization.

In-person and online championships, promoting your product and you played "❤️❤️❤️❤️ you" for the sport.

If you are not going to value us, let us know how you do everything for Ultimate Team (UT)

The modality has your statement.

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    The game play on pro clubs is absolutely rancid, genuinely thought FIFA19 was bad for clubs but 20 is the bottom of the barrel.

    Competitive leagues now consist of 9 men inside their own box, then able to break forward with 6 players within 4 seconds. If they aren't sitting in their box then you get teams sprinting up and down for 90 minutes its like NBA.

    The pass error has become so consistent since the last couple of patches that you now consistently have players passing the wrong direction. Played a game the other night where we had to run towards the passes because they weren't locking on to anyone.

    Pro clubs this year resembles nothing of football, in fact you actually get punished for playing ground pass football.

    I never thought I would miss 19 clubs of chipped through balls and crosses.
  • Dunkirk
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    no money, no fix
  • Covado
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    It’s not even fun anymore. Sad really, it could be awesome.
  • MarioBamba
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    It's awful, I feel you
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