Updates, completely broke the game.

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Revert it back to the start of release, then update goalkeeping and heading from open play, not corners. This was all that needed fixing on the actual gameplay side of things.


  • Katian33
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    Updates fix the game they dont break it please read the updates
  • bellstar
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    Updates fix the game but then break something else which was never broken in the first place.According to EA it's never broken to start with so why do they nred updates. If they put a finished product on the market in the first place no one would complain and the game wouldn't need updating gameplay wise that is.

    Last year we didn't get the finished product= (game) till around April-May. That's 3-4 months of fifa, till they released fifa20 and same problems straight away with this one, something like 8-9 updates within the first 4 weeks absolutely BS.
  • Ballsantini
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    Sometimes i poop and fifa gameplay comes out of my butt
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