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SBC cards less desirable because of chem?

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With shadow/hunter chem extinct from the market, is it actually better to buy way cheaper NIF cards with chemistry applied?

Obviously it is not relevant to 90+ pace cards, but I'm looking at those overpriced CB and CDM SBCs and think they would be so much better with shadow.

Can EA include more shadow/hunter objectives or do something with chemistry droprate? Is this actually intentional to make the game less pace based?


  • Senth6
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    Yeah just got pep on anchor but only used for one game seems like the cdm i been missing
  • madwullie
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    I think it's just that the sbc cards on offer so far have really needed a shadow / hunter to be competitive. I don't think the drop rate has changed, just that demand has increased hugely.

    Apart from this, I'm not really sure what the point is your making?

    Oh hang on, yes I see. Hmm it depends. I like pique and had a shadow in my club, not sure i'd be happy to play with say hermoso just because a shadow was hard to come by
  • Mmandras
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    As coins become more abudant everybody will want higher rated cards, sure. But you will not use full potential of those cards and it might put people off along with high cost. You might hope to acquire chem later and settle with anchors/hawks... But the effect might be that those too will be exctinct.

    I don't understand how come we didn't have this situation in former seasons, it's not like this is the first pace oriented Fifa with desirable SBC cards.
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