Best time to buy icon?

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Saved up enough coins that I can splash on an icon but unsure if its a good time to buy. Primes are coming out soon which would affect prices? Or will most icons be expected to hold value?


  • 6Khedira6
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    Icons will always have intrinsic value due to scarcity supply and demand. Some baby ones are better than their mid icons anyway like rush. Maybe when primes come out there might be a slight price drop as people will sell their current icon in order to buy the prime. I expect something like a 400k mid shearer may lose at the most 100k value when prime comes out
  • Gnomenclature
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    Depends on the icon. A lot of the baby icons can fluctuate by a 100k just depending on time of day.

    For 8nstance, 88 litmanen is around 390k during the day and reaches 500k at night... this is on Xbox. But there are a lot of other icons that fluctuate by quite a bit.

    Honestly, most of the "cheaper" icons just aren't that much better than high rated g olds. Go for one you admire in real life - way more special that way.
  • AngryFUTplayer
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    I'm in a similar spot as I am contemplating picked my up 88 cb matthaus for my team. Since he will be out of packs and is a position change I imagine he will hold some value, but not entirely sure. He fluctuates between 750-800k on Xbox right now and I don't want to risk losing 1,2 or 300k, but also afraid his price may rise once out of packs.
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