Passing in delay tip

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I shared this for 19 and it seemed to help a few people.

Playing in delay and without, we often make the mistake of being too quick to move the directional analog for the reciving player, before the ball is passed.

You can help this by taking your time to make sure, you only move the analog(as in make the new run) after your player finishes his passing animation and the ball leaves hos foot.

This applies very much to games without delay as well. As some players have slower animations than others, and I myself make this mistake.

So try to focus on this, it will help a lot if you’re having trouble passing in delay/normal games.


  • I keep forgetting this, also I feel it applies to shooting.
  • d3b4s1s
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    I use it a lot and it does help but the biggest issue with passing is it reaching the reciever, it's so random and there's no consistency with the pass power. It's a lot worse in pressure situations with auto blocks/interceptions.
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