The latest Title Update for FIFA 20 is now available on Console & on PC and includes the changes listed here.

WL Analysis

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After finishing on gold 2 with 5 games left. I’ve realised so many things. I shall list below.

1. What is the point in having defenders. This is possibly the worst ‘patch’ you have realised. Jockeying is nil in void. It’s pointless.
2. Your matchmaking is ridiculous after playing my last game against futwiz lyricz I thought to myself he isn’t in my rank surely not. He wasn’t he was in the elites and he was matched against me in gold 2.
3. Players leaving when the game is a draw. 5 times across the weekend I have had a opponent receive a red card or just hasn’t been the same ability to me. They leave therefore wasting my time and receiving a loss themselves. How does this reward anyone.

After finishing this weekend. I have taken it upon myself to not play again until a justified update comes out and fixes some of these issues. I know I shall receive the childish comments if you’ll be missed. Or get good but all your doing is playing into EA’s hands. They want this amongst there community. And I just want a good fifa game. And see this is the only alternative to me.


  • I was 11 and 3 on Friday and Saturday and then lost 12 in a row today. I appreciate I was going to be matching beasts but I’ve never lost that many in a row before. I’m a gold 2,3 player
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