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After two month break

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Wish I hadn't bothered trying, the game is mostly unplayable. It's certainly not fun.

- you're tackled before you have even control of the ball, you don't get any time to do anything; you're often pounced on by two players who out-muscle you easily and steam roll you.

- Super defenders who can intercept everything, overpower everyone, super fast. knock you over from behind and come away with the ball (no foul)

- shooting is often weak and almost always too hard to score (keeper saves 99% of the good shots)

- passing moves are half-impossible to build, mostly intercepted

- game over-rewards 'counter-attacking' team (inferior team) with goals, usually rebounds off the keeper; team that plays all the football (or tries to) has to try and grind through two brick walls called midfield and defence and that's before the buffed keepers

- everything feels like a grind, a slog, a chore unless you're the weaker team finding space and free-flowing passing on the counter

I tried taking a heavy touch - twice - to go past the defenders. Both totally failed. Then I tried to turn a defender and he covered a few yards of ground like Usain Bolt out of the starting blocks and came away with the ball easily. I laughed.

I got knocked over easily by a defender who came away with the ball and 20 seconds later I saw a defender knock over a team-mate from behind, walk through his body and come away with the ball - no foul.

Boring and making me look like a bad player. Nah. Gonna play something else.


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