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Anyone used 88 figo?

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Thinking about getting him in to help Chen for ronaldo. I mean he look solid anyway jut any to know if anyone has used him?


  • Rayize
    405 posts Sunday League Hero
    edited November 2019
    used him for a few weeks for that chem link to Ronaldo, he felt nice on an engine, nice dribble, fast turns, shooting was a little meh. Put him on a hunter to max out his pace and get his shot power up, after that he felt like a clunky potato...

    Not worth the coins in the slightest but on an engine he will be good-ish. His prime looks nice though, has alot better stats in the right places that will allow abit more freedom when choosing chem style.
  • Invincibility
    4614 posts National Call-Up
    Also used Figo for chem to CR7 but changed formation to use Rabiot or Matuidi.. Figo ain't worth it also tried his 90 which was decent but nothing special
  • Carlo
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    So what do you guys recommend to put on Rabiot's spot? Check out my team 8f95c38a4e7ded57e4443b5ce5cfbbb9.png

    And I wanna add that I totally HATE Rabiot and Matuidi. Worst players ever
  • Carlo
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