The latest Title Update for FIFA 20 is now available on PC and includes the changes listed here.

EA Basic Pro Club fixes

Camera angle at longer free kicks is still an issue

Captain changing kits and it only changes for him rather than the whole team.

AI(bots) give you the ball back 100mph after you have made a 1 yard pass to them resulting in you losing the ball and the build up of play.

Clear through ball situations and the bots takes an age to pass it to you or makes the wrong pass ending certain breaks.

The headering is terrible. You simply cannot header in the game mode pro clubs, i have played 800 games and maybe scored about 10 headers. (Open play). So an improvement there would be ideal.

For the 4th year running we still have the goal keeper holding onto the ball for 30 seconds and then kicking it up the left or right side of the pitch.

You will be building up play and the AI (bots) will just spontaneously play a huge diagonal ball that more or less 100% will go out of play.

The AI (bots) will most of the time make the wrong pass ending breaks or potencial shots.

Crossing in the air is terrible. Literally no consistancy with the accuracy. That paired with it being impossible to get a header or even win a header makes a great experience.

Glad i got that off my chest EA.



  • Covado
    12 posts Ball Boy
  • Skinner249
    598 posts An Exciting Prospect
    You cross header guys had a blast last year, let us ground pass players have a year please :D
  • Covado
    12 posts Ball Boy
    Ha nah man not even accurate
  • Skinner249
    598 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I know man I was kidding. Barely touched clubs since September, usually would have 350 games done by now but for whatever reason just the least enjoyable mode for me now.

    I suppose that's what happens when clubs game play has been the same now for 10 years.
  • RobRokk
    74 posts Park Captain
    Bots are very unreliable! They do the strangest passes sometimes and many times just shoot the ball out of play even though they're not under pressure and I called for a pass.
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