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Manchester United/Liverpool/Chelsea/Arsenal matchday discussion thread

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I get that the creation of this thread has been randomly timed, but I just thought I’d follow up on my idea and make it now rather than forget to do so when the time comes for it.

Basically, this thread is for the four biggest fanbases on RF. Whenever any of the aforementioned clubs face each other - be that in the league, cups or Europe - we can all chat with each other in here instead of creating new threads. Inevitably, everyone spends as much time in their opponent’s lounge as much as their own, so we might as well all just come here.

This obviously doesn’t warrant baiting and trolling as we sometimes see here on the forum, but the past couple of threads have been pretty decent, so I’m confident that this can work.

Besides, as I mentioned, this thread should only really be used on the matchdays themselves. Any other discussions in the run-up to these matches will likely only concern one’s own team, so they can be held in the respective lounges.

Just thought it would be nice to have one space for discussing big matches like these.


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