No Longer Know Your level

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I got relegated from division 5 (which I been in mostly since the start of fifa). Very consistent. Hang around 1000- 1100 points.

I have been relegated to division 6 trying to achieve the objectives.

I have finished the objectives now and I am playing with my normal team.

Problem is with all these D1CK5 relegating themselves I no longer know if I'm losing to a player on my level? Or beating a higher opponent.

It's a complete mess. It's not fun anymore :(


  • The_Faries_76
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    I completely agree.
    But, how do we now that your opponent is in your division? How do we know that it's not simply matchmaking similar to WL, ie win 5 in a row you get matched against a better opponent that could be 3 divs above you? Do they not try to match based on area first? Or is it just coincidence that I play against mostly irish teams?
  • I have no idea.

    Maybe EA should display the players skill rating after the game so we can see.

    All I k ow is I was borderline division 4. Now struggling in division 6 ha
  • JPRM71
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    Looks like ‘you getting owned’ 🤣
  • TheTormentor07
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    We know nothing about our opponents now other than most of them would sell their mothers and first born for a win, the whole game both Rivals and WL have bred this caustic vile mess of exploits and general nastiness.

    Not sure why I'm bothering to do some of theses icon swaps as I still don't know who to take and even if it's worth continuing with it, can't express how much I hate Rivals and all the horribleness that goes along with it.
  • High420
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    Funnily enough, most of the players who have clearly dropped down for the objectives play the same way, not attacking and beating me players because they're "so good".

    Rather they just pass the ball slowly backwards and don't even attempt to build any moves, until they can spam a ball down the line to whatever meta 90+ pace striker/winger they've stuck up top.

    You wanna do the objectives then fair enough, but god knows how people enjoy playing the game like that.

    Servers/ThatWhichShallNotBeNamed are the no1 problem on this game, but the vast majority of the playerbase are a very, very close 2nd.

    It is what it is though, EA has driven a lot of the toxicity in this userbase- could remove loads of it by not having any cutscenes and removing stupidly long celebrations and the addition of extra cutscenes after goals, but they appear to have no intention of doing anything to remove things that cause stress, on what's supposed to be a fun simulation of the game we and so many love.

  • Metab0lic
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    Once everyone decides they're too low and start using their own teams again it's going to take so long to level out again, as no one is where they belong.

    I've naturally gone from 4 to the bottom of 6 just by trying to do it there.

    Imagine all the D2 players decide to start trying to go back up, they'll be drawing games, alternating wins, pretty much keeping them in D6 for a lot more games than necessary.

    Same for the D4's that ended up in D7 or 8. No one is in their right division now.... whether it's because of losing games trying, or purposefully to get down there.

    It's crazy. And it's made everyone mad
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