Feels like playing on PC

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Why are EA not doing anything about the cheats going on in this game? On ps4 feels like playing on pc. And im not on about button delay im on about the blatantly lagging the game (sometimes to a complete stutter) whenever you have the ball near their goal or on the break and then it miraculously stops when they get it back. Have friends been experiencing this aswell happens to much for it to be a coincidence and its to precise to be servers.


  • Amargaladaster26
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    That is definitely not what playing on PC feels like. We actually have a smooth gameplay most of the time, you just occasionally run into 99 stamina, 5*WF, legacy defending animals.
  • Pb91
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    I just meant artificial bull**** going on in the game like obvious third party equipment being used and stuff not the actual gameplay.
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