Division rivals unfair matchmaking



  • SuperKMx
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    pharvey11 wrote: »
    It’s an absolute joke. EA will never change anything to do with FUT as they make a fortune off of it. Have played FIFA since the original and I’m usually about div 5/6, but stuck in div 8 and getting lower because I’m coming up against these lowlifes who want to complete objectives for a better team. How are they managing to relegate themselves so easily?

    Go into a match, quit, you get a loss.

    Not rocket science, is it?
  • Gazmac_868
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    It’s a joke still relegating themselves in June for a Jack Grealish card which never gonna make it into their team. I’d say this objectives model will be in Fifa 21 as it’s obviously a money spinner for ea all the sweats getting their wallets out to keep up.!!
  • VoidSenpai wrote: »
    I am not in anyway a good player. I started rivals because I thought it would give me better rewards. I'm in div7 at the moment and all the opponents I get basically look like this

    my team for reference...

    In my opinion, I have no chance of winning a match like this so what's the point of playing these?


    EA has created a situation where having fun is virtually non existent when playing online. Losing by 5+ goals at halftime to these all-star teams is not enjoyable...for either side.

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