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Tested Ballack 86 [short review]

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edited November 2019
DiV 2/3, made 12 games.

[Note: Bought not from tokens]

Veryy clunky for a CM.(even with engine)

Stamina can be a issue at CM position, unless you put stay back.

Paired him together with Schweini as a CDM in a 4222/442(2)/4231 and tried him as CM with Schweini and Pep as CDM in a 41212/4321 formation.

Not a "meta" CM, or what ever you wanna call it. But a good CDM.

Agility/dribbling, Speed and Stamina makes him not suitable being a "meta" cm in my opinion.

Use him as a CDM with shadow and bang those long shots into the corner.
Great passing and decent tackles and physics.

Not special though, EoE Schweini is above him.
Gonn sell him back and wait for the 91 version, which was godlike.

If you want a playmaking, physical strong CDM go for him. Dont choose him, if you want a meta CM.

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