400k on Rare Player Packs..

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Gets you 1 walkout, 87 rated Thiago.

Just in case anyone was tempted to do it. Don't waste your coins.

Made 1.5m trading the past month so wanted to do an experiment. It's ridiculous that people actually spend money on packs to potentially get that!


  • Bakudu76
    3122 posts National Call-Up
    You could have asked. I would have told you the same
  • BeastlyHusla
    7636 posts League Winner
    Should've given me the coins, id have opened them for you.
  • kaaasen
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    With players being so cheap it's simply not worth opening packs. Need to get a massive pull to profit.
  • Aspral
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    I will never ever open any packs on fifa unless they heavily discount them.

    My untradeables go into SBCs. Why anyone would open packs with coins.

    Even if you get a De Gea or a Laporte you're making nothing back regardless
  • SpazzyMagee92
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    Yeah I wasnt opening thinking I was going to make profit, just wanted to see what you get for what would essentially cost 60 quid. Would never spend money on this game except the initial download and this reaffirms that decision
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