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RTTF Militao or Varane?

1625 posts Play-Off Hero
What do you guys think? One of them would be partnering Base Rio.


  • Hakkebakke
    442 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Mili by mile
  • Carlo
    1625 posts Play-Off Hero
    Should I wait for Thursday after reward and to sell Varane as well ?
  • Dubbly
    1236 posts Professional
    I’d prefer Militao tbh. Just waiting to see where his price stops before buying him.
  • Pepe Le DiLzZ
    15905 posts World Class
    Once that Militao becomes an 86 (I think) he'll be one of the best cb's in the game.
  • I would go for Varane. RTTF Militao is way too overpriced. Keep in mind his first upgrade will be in december and next upgrade will be in March. By this time we will have many promo players+TOTY/Prime icons. There will be better options for lower price. For now Varane is still better player anyway.
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