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Serious review of mbappe needed

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I’ve seen a lot of pros use him and against me he never does amazing. I love mane to bits and have played with CR7 and messi and neither make me go wow. Would just like to know how he realistically plays.


  • Pocketsquareguy
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    I have him untradeable so I’m stuck with him happily. First off, he is not close to the price tag. I doubt he is even significantly better than Rashford. His workrates are perfect and his runs amazing. His pace is slower than the card says. He is a lethal finisher 80% of the time. It was more like 95% before the last patch. He was nerfed. His passing is excellent for a pure striker, so he can play on the wing if you’re inclined. His hold up play is also decent for the type of striker he is. Will finish headers if he is wide open. Has the finesse shot trait. So if you strong foot finesse it’s going in. I packed RTTF mane and I find Mbappe better. It’s a glowing review because he has 187 goals in 127 games for me. He will win you games. Now that I have said all of that, he just isn’t worth the price tag. I would never buy him for that. To me he is a 600k player.
  • Rolandinho
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    Div 3 here, tried IF Ben Yedder, Griezmann and currently Mbappe for about ~100 games each.

    Seriously, get IF or OTW Ben Yedder, his finishing is definately better than Mbappe's.

    Mbappe is missing easy sitters more often than Ben Yedder, although his physics and pace is a pro.

    If you playing slow build up and you like dribbling go with Ben Yedder. You can score from every angle.

    If you like through balls, go with Mbappe

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