Getting the AI to foul you

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Since there is a lack of fouls in fifa 20, does anyone no of any way to get the AI to foul you? I feel like there should be a dive button so that when you see the AI tugging your shirt you can press the dive button and go down and get the free kick.


  • Ballerson
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    Haa, I’ve been advocating for a retaliate feature that would hurt the opponent when the ea refs are normal — meaning arbitrary and mostly ridiculous. Not gonna happen.
  • mfmaxpower
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    There's actually more fouls now than before, and I'm seeing more CPU fouls than in recent years. The key is to a) not sprint when attacking and b) using feints and skill moves.

    There's still matches where there will be few or no fouls, but I actually had 8 fouls by the CPU yesterday which is the most I'd seen in a long time. I've also gotten about a half dozen penalty kicks in the last week from the CPU pulling me down in the box.
  • Peanut2000
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    Dunno if I agree with the about comment. I play on 8 min half’s and don’t seem to be that many fouls. Thanks for the comments
  • He4rt
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    The AI fouls me all the time. Unfortunately in over 100 games I've never seen a red card given, even when I'm the last man and I'm through on goal.
  • RadioShaq
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    If you hit Lt you elbow the defender back. You don’t always get a foul but get space from the defender.
  • Eddie
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    •Take your finger off sprint.
    •Use ‘sheild’ when the AI is about to challenge for the ball.
    •Take your finger off sprint.
    •Use skill moves to beat players.
    •Take your finger off sprint.
    •Dribble past players in tight situations- you guessed it, without using sprint. Use L1 and R1.
    •Feints are pretty effective when trying to beat a player.

    Bottom line is not many fouls are made by the AI because people don’t play real football. Watch any career match on YouTube. MOST will ping pong the ball around the field and beat players with either through balls or just sprinting past them. How on earth can they foul you!?

    You need to let the AI get close to you to draw the foul. Hold the ball in tight situations and try to beat players using the above methods.

    What I will say the game lacks completely is AI players just losing their heads and taking you out with a wild challenge. It just doesn’t happen. Which is why it’s rare to see a red for the AI.
  • mfmaxpower
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    I'm now 15 games into the EPL season and I've had 5 penalty kicks due to the CPU fouling me in the box. I don't remember this happening before at this frequency. The CPU so far has earned 3 red cards.

    If you take your finger off the sprint button, there's CPU fouls in this game. Still not enough, but more than before.
  • Liz_The_W1z
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    You can't get the ai ref to call a foul because he is racist to humans
  • Peanut2000
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    The advantage rule in fifa is broken. It’s stupid in my opinion
  • Valdo08
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  • Fufa
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    Bro AI will bump, grab no call as soon as you breath back on them the referee comes back from the dead. It is outrageous.
  • Master110
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    We need foul sliders like nhl has.
  • Peanut2000
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  • Chriswhiteisright
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    The AI fouls me all over the pitch but the refs doing give anything then I'll brush past an AI player off the ball and get a straight red this game is just BS
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