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Prime Zanetti or Baby Ballack

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I know they are different positions and the other two are de jong and semedo. Not sure who would be more impactful


  • XxIronSidesxX
    78 posts Park Captain
    Prime Zaha
  • Radraptor
    1537 posts Play-Off Hero
    I know for me I’m going Zanetti. There are tons of good Midfielders that can be had, but very few good fullbacks. You could run zanetti all year and be fine.
  • greggles
    1888 posts Fans' Favourite
    Not looking to replace a position until TOTS? then go for zanetti. Looking to have fun with a replaceable midfielder? go for Ballack.
  • number7rocky
    4786 posts National Call-Up
  • MuzzaLUFC
    1466 posts Play-Off Hero
    Ballack - get him in a Bundesliga team and have RTTF Mbabu as your RB, if he goes upto 86+ his in game stats will be better than Zanetti.
  • newguy
    498 posts An Exciting Prospect
  • zan good but very boring

    ballack more fun, and can allow for better hybrids and more flexibility to change the team up later
  • thackattack
    210 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    I doubt ballack will be a fun player, hes going to move very slowly. Good cdm but nothing fun.
  • fun in comparison to zan i meant

  • liamano123
    354 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I mean it’s messi right midfield and the centre midfielder would be a box to box. I know Ballack will move like a tank. But he will also be decent. Whereas zanetti gives me a perfect link to messi and I can play de jong in midfield
  • liamano123
    354 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Or on a side note I could get gerrard. But I feel he wouldn’t be as much of a presence as Ballack.
  • thackattack
    210 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Was going to get zanetti, as i play serieA and the right back options are not great. But there is the new season danilo but looking at the stats he doesnt seem all that great, would have thought it would be higher for an 86.
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