Losing 18 min of my life

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It's been 18 minutes I try to get a CF-CAM position change on the market.

18 minutes that I could not, and it's still on.

How can it be that pathetic honestly ? How is it possible that such items be so rare that you just can't buy them ? Can't play with the team I just built until I find one. Not sure I ever spent 18 minutes doing something more boring and useless in my life.


  • Smsalnuaimi
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    ill list one but you have to be fast o:)
  • Roc_Xel
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    no but some at listed like every 3 sec but there is one or 2 on the market and they go in less than a sec and although I do it as quick as humanly possible, i can't get one. 23 minutes now.

    How sad is it honestly.
  • kayron16
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    Mate go on a computer and use a mouse. Click buy now and then press enter on your keyboard. Even if you got reactions of a slug you’ll get one within 5 mins.

    If you’re slower than the dead then the only option is to wait until Monday when they don’t get insta binned
  • Roc_Xel
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    Cheers, worked from the computer indeed. Just baffles me they are so rare.
  • Bapinho
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    yeah webapp works best for these things like shadow and hunter. Also monday at squad battle rewards is a good option
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