Shot Power, Hair Accessories, Boots...Various bugs, exclusions or content lacking

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Hi, here i'll bring a few things to your attention as it seems Pro Clubs is yet again forgotten about since release.

Shot Power - As an 87 rated Pro, Striker build set as LF. Why is it the highest i can maximise my shot power to is 78 points? It allows for no more progression via experience as its 100% maxed. It also has every trait on that gives a bonus to shot power too. I cannot improve on this whatsoever anymore. As a Striker, this is pretty poor. Surely this is an oversight or a bug? A response/fix on this would be great as currently it feels like we're kicking a medicine ball at goal most of the time.

Hair Accessories - This option, when editing your pro player in career mode, is available. However, it is not available in the Pro clubs mode when editing your player. Why is this?

Boots - Why are we not getting frequent boot updates anymore? In previous FIFA's we would get a number of boot updates, allowing for more choice of boots but currently we have a very small choice to start with and no additions to it since launch. It's looking like none will be added at all! Can we have a response on what's happening with regards to this please?

CAM Glitch - Still not fixed since launch of FIFA 19. Making levelling up your Pro in the CAM position EXTREMELY slow due to your experience points earnt based on your match rating, which will always suck since it thinks your out of position 30+ times a match.

Ingame Chat - There seems to be a problem when talking with others over the mic ingame. Every now and then everybody will get an ear piercing shriek of static which will undoubtly be a strain on peoples ears. Also random people are sounding like they are underwater or taking a dive in their fish tank. Thankfully PSN FINALLY allowed us to have bigger chat parties so that 11 man teams can get together and chat now without restriction of 7 players only or the banshee screeching effects from using the ingame chat but still, it would be awesome if you could fix this too.

Commentary Names - Is there a reason the likes of Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Neymar and many, many other player names are not included in the lists when editing your pro player and selecting its commentary name?

Freekicks - Please bring back the freekicks from FIFA 18, you've definitely gone in the wrong direction since and frankly FIFA 20 freekicks are now the worst they have ever been. Nothing but floaty, innaccurate nonsense every time somebody steps up to take one. The practice arena, skill games and Youtube video's do nothing to help in this area, the randomness factor and poor mechanics just ruin any sort of enjoyment people used to have taking these.

CM Position - Why is there no CM position to select? Its either CAM or CDM, no CM anymore...

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  • MarioBamba
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    I agree, but as for the other problems\requests they won't listen
  • Well it seems a few new boots were sneakily added.

    However the ability to get more than 80-90+ shot power in an attacking/striker build in Pro Clubs would be much appreciated, instead of watching most of my shots "floating" towards goal. 87 Overall, 5'6 - 5'10 and 149lbs and the player cannot even break into the 80's in shot power....complete and utter fail.
  • MarioBamba
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    Yeah, it's completely out of balance.

  • RobRokk
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    I wonder if RW also has a position glitch? RM doesnt though.
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