EA fix Delay!!!

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So, when are you planning to do something against this 🎃🎃🎃🎃 server delay??? How long are we supposed to accept this mess???

Delay is so massive atm, no fun at all.

@EA_Andy an Infos on server delay issues?


  • Pablofsi05
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    I just played a game after 2 weeks and let me tell you, God, servers netcode is EVEN, I don't know how they could do this but servers netcode is causing EVEN MORE DELAY THAN IT WAS CAUSING 2 WEEKS AGO. Like I'm sure they patched something to ADD ADDITIONAL DEFAULT DELAY TO OUR CONTROLLERS, I MEAN,


    This cannot continue the way it is right now. High traffic hours, server configuration or quality, people's connections are not the things we should blame. This is happening BECAUSE SERVERS NETCODE DOUBLES INPUT DELAY COMPARED TO P2P NETCODE!.

    How do servers work?

    Data has to come towards the server and then come back to you, it's a double trip, without mentioning that it's an extra hop for your connection. P2P is a more modern one way highway, in which data goes to your rival and your rival's data is coming towards you at the same time, effectively cutting input delay by a half compared to the delay you would get on servers netcode.

    So why, WHY does Fifa not use a P2P netcode on ALL game modes that which vastly superior to servers?

    Only because of security and bad behavior issues, and both can be solved.

    EA, develop a P2P netcode that masks your IP from Windows somehow, and regarding people who lag switch just use a check server that checks integrity and optimal conditions of each player's connections and if one of them is causing massive delay he should be disconnected and given a loss, with a warning that he should optimize his/her connection before playing again. It's easy. Also implement a reconnect feature for those people who didn't realize Steam began to update itself and want to correct the problem on their side.

    With a change to matchmaking and implementing P2P netcode we could all be playing not being forwarded to a far away server at 150, 250ms latency, but at 15, or 10ms latency with half the delay of that latency.

    The existance of servers is the issue that is causing this massive, unacceptable delay!
  • SPN1987
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    You honestly think this will help? Delay has been there since 5+ years now. It actually has become the standard. Just because we as a community allow EA to get away with everything. Why the 🎃🎃🎃🎃 would they ever fix their 🎃🎃🎃🎃 if all we do is empty our bank accounts on the next 🎃🎃🎃🎃 promo?????

    This community is possibly the dumbest in the world. It's emberrassing to be part of it, Honestly not sure why I even play this game on a regular base, just like many others I guess.

    P.S. Obviously I have never ever spend a penny in my life on FP
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