Red cards anyone?

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Not a single red card for me or the opposing teams in my first season as manager (in Premier League). What's up with that?

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    Yeah, they’re very rare. I got one myself in my first season. Or a player in my team got one (AI in control). Opposing teams got maybe one, too. Seen plenty of yellow cards, though, which is nice. (Although should see more of those, too.)
  • Game has no fouling in career mode. The AI never fouls my players so there’s never any cards shown. The game is so not real football, just a real boring game.
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    Not quite true. I sometimes get 3 or 4 AI cards in one game. Might this depend on the difficulty? I currently play on legendary.
  • Rafm9
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    It’s stupid . Some fouls aren’t even for a card and I get a yellow on the most softest fouls ever smh
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    In the few games I played (Asia Cup and Bundesliga), the AI Team got 2-3 red cards for fouls being the last man. (Playing in Ultimate Level).
    Sometimes they get yellows as well. So perhaps its depending on the Level you play the game.

    In simulated games their are a lot of cards (which I only use to check things out). In the actual CM I play ever game myself and their are alot of cards mostly yellow but also reds.
  • lenny0121
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    I have completed a full season in the Championship...I've not had any reds but the AI have had a couple when being last man & lunging in
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