[PS4] Mature Players needed for club

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we're looking for mature players to join our club.
we really could use a good striker at the moment, we're hanging around division 4 now and are looking to progress. Our problem is that we don't score many goals even though we create many chances during 90 minutes.

as stated in the title we're a mature bunch of guys mainly so we're looking for a player that fits into our group, currently we are five players and have a Dane, a Norwegian, and three Brits, we've been playing FIFA together for a few years now. we have a wicked sense of humour and even though the request is for mature people we will always have a (sometimes immature) laugh regardless of the result. For us the person is more important than the ability.
We use PS4 chat so you'll need to have a mic and be able to communicate in English.
Our style of play is always going to be proper football, we never exploit the game mechanics and for us playing five at the back, ultra defensive and spamming long through balls or whatever is this years go to tactic is NOT the way we do it. playing good football is always the way.

We play at least three times a week - Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday from 18:30 until around 21:00 CET and often play other nights too depending on who can get online. Discord is used to chat and organise our evenings so it's important that you have that and join our server.

So, if you're a older guy or gal and would like to join us then give me a shout on here, online at McLovin7272 or join our Discord server at https://discord.gg/4K2ePmB

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