Storyline players upgrade?

352 posts Sunday League Hero
Do all storyline players have a chance to be upgraded or is it just Politano?


  • BayernBru
    1471 posts Professional
    Hasn't been confirmed for anyone other than Politano. Hopefully though.
  • Mmandras
    6269 posts Big Money Move
    Should be, hence the name storyline and the same black color design.
  • Donny_anton1
    60 posts Park Captain
    Man if politano gets an upgrade wow that will be some card as he is already good
  • Dolph
    1231 posts Professional
    Too bad I probably won’t get any of them, only on 27 in season objectives and probably won’t play again until friday, and the Politano sounds like a crazy grind.
  • Donny_anton1
    60 posts Park Captain
    Politano is not bad to do mate I’m a div 6 player and done it all in 6 hour over a couple of days but you have all year to do it so just make a start and see how u get on
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