Fifa 20 is so broken!!!!

Let me start by saying ive played on fifa since fifa 95 I've always loved playing on fifa as I love football in general but over the last few years its become so broken and so unplayable and all about money making. Once again the same as fifa 18, 19.. 20 is all about defense. The defense is so over powered making opportunities impossible. My players on the ball are sooo slow on the ball than the players off the ball. The reaction times of my players on the ball is unbelievable slow. Its ridiculous that I can have 90+ rated speed players getting caught by players with stats much below what my fast player is. You may be able to get a yard or 2 in front to start but the speed in which they close you down is so farfetched. It wouldn't happen!! When you try to take on a player the reaction times of your skills compared to their tackle reactions is in a completely different time scale. The speed that they can tackle is the equivalent of and your player being and old man and theres of a younger professional football with lightening speed reactions. Dont even get me started on the jockeying of there player and them sticking to you. Its ridiculous that you can try every direction going and they read you. Its virtually impossible to know which way someone is going to go all the time. Even when we you manage to get passed them because of the slow rate of your player is on the ball they're able to literally spin round and catch you like nothing even though I'm sprinting and they're jogging and because of the jockeying you could be running in a straight line at full sprint whilst the opponent is jogging turning stopping turning and keeping up with my player. In real life that the wouldn't happen the player running in a straight line would be gone. I play foot ball in a league and play street football all the time now I'm not saying I'm amazing but I'm a quick and skillfull player and when I get past people I'm away without them catching me or sticking to me like that of the game. Plus dont get me started on the needing of my team where they cant run cant pass cant shoot properly like I instruct them too even when you put and tactics on the dont work. Your players cannot work like a team. I play on legendary sometimes ultimate and when playing squad battles the team could have a low chemistry I could play them on ultimate and legendary and win you try putting it on a professional level and the games way harder than that of legendary and ultimate it's just doesn't make sense that's how broken this game is. I had a match on ultimate level I won 4-1 on a there chemistry of 100 and 82 rating team. Then I played the same rated and chemistry team on professional I had 33 shots to 1 and 21 shots on target the match ended 1-1 they scored with there only shot on goal then I got beat on penalties. How is it that theyre literally the same stats and I win on ultimate and not professional??!! The headering in this game is so bad in about 200 games I've scored 3 headers even though I've put some excellent crosses into the box many times and got good jumping players even when u press to pass with a header or win a head the ball will just bounce off the players forehead right up into the air instead of passing to a team mate, come down and the opponent manages to gain possession. Also all their team seems to do is always play ultra defense and counter attack this game is completely unplayable and broken. One thing that ea is doing with fifa is sucking the fun out of this game, for the last couple of years I've been contemplating buying the game each year but I do so because I love playing a football game and I find pes crap so i play fifa. Each year all they do is nerf headers shots passing vernese shots tackling interception they never ever nerf the bad things in the games. They never nerf the actually speed physics of players never nerf the players from sticking to you, defensive sitting behind the ball never nerf the ai system on any level mode. I dont honestly know how much more I can keep buying this game the commentary is awful every year commentators cant even pronounce players names either!!
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