Soulless anti football

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  • Servers and delay

    How can a game that makes the revenue of fifa have servers this bad and input lag this awful? It's a different game every game and time of the day. No other online game I play is like this.
  • Rewarding anti-football

    The patch has reduced finishing. Why? It was fine. People are playing anti football. The majority of games are people on drop back packing the box with players and playing awful anti football because it works
  • ai hand holding
    Every single year the ai is hand holding players because EA are petrified players will stop playing if they have to have skill. How about making a skill based system that works?

    Goalkeepers are used to help bad players by saving everything, finishing is nerfed to reduce a player losing and the ai are super humanly blocking/intercepting again.

This is not fun.. it's soulless.

Most people will happily take a loss if they get smashed by a better player. But facing people with a box full of players intercepting/blocking everything whilst you nerf the shooting is beyond boring.

I was using Dzeko and slow clunky players pre patch and it was fun. This patch has moved fifa back to 19 where it's basically a QTE game where you try to break down the AI for 90 mins and watch your mental health get challenged.
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