Disconnections during WL


is it known issue??

i lead several times and got disconnected, sometimes got loss, sometimes not lose not win..

even when in draw, i got lose

is it known issue or relates to my internet


  • I never had these kind of issues before (15-19) but on this 20' edition i have moments when every game it happens.
    Also situations when my game stuck completely and then like fast forward all the action till it gets to the point the game is really at...

    And i know from a fact thats not my internet issues i ran some tests about it... (Also happening only on FIFA game...)

    many players experiencing it too . Check twitter.

    Poor servers.
  • my internet stays connected..
  • By the way ..
    At the moments the gameplay is the worst i played this year.
    Huuuuuuuuuge button delay
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