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disconnect glitch?

2974 posts National Call-Up
edited November 2019
I was 2:0 chasing Politano objective, scoring with right players, opponent quits and I got stuck on pause screen indefinitely. Opponent paused the game, unpaused it, and right after than it disconnected. The only thing I could do is close the game. How can I report him? I can't even pause and see whom I was playing against.


  • BondJame5Collins
    1052 posts Professional
    You still get the win don't you? There are so many freezing glitches in this game. I've had the same as you, but also many times where the game crashes when sending a packed item to the trade pile or trying to apply a consumable.
  • Mmandras
    2974 posts National Call-Up
    Hm, you are right, don't know about the win, but objective progress did register.
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