Fixing Career Mode

I thought this was a way for us to let EA developers know problems people are facing using the game but when there's no response that's shows the game isn't doing anything.

A lot of these problems never occurred in fifa 18 & 19 but Fifa 20 was a giant leap backwards.

At the very least fifa 20 should be no less than fifa 19 but the gameplay is frustrating.

Imagine messi winning a header against Van Dijk (they were standing side by side waiting for the lobbed ball to land) but because Messi was in front of him, Messi won the header. It's unrealistic.

Also, goalies have skill stars, how come in player career mode my player doesn't have. I can't even do a fake pass or shot, Amazing right.

Give us the opportunity to create Wing backs, Center midfielders, Center forwards, Wingers (did I miss something). If these positions exist then we should be able to create them. Or what do you think.

Fix player edit, we can't have Center Midfielders turning into Defensive Midfielders or Attacking Midfielders, Wing backs turning into Full backs, Wingers turning into Wide forwards. That doesn't look right.

These are basic things which should be right which aren't and that's why you're having complex issues.

Fifa 20 users (especially Career Mode) are only asking that you fix the simple stuff. This makes fixing the complex stuff easier.

Have a great day @EA_Fifa_Team


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