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Hi guys,
just a quick question for you.
My problem is either in first half or at the end of the game when there is for example 2+ minutes added when i get the ball for example in 91:47 and i am on the half line and can attack the reff blows the end. On the other side even if is 92.48 for example and just 2 min added , the other player always gets the last attack and you know what happens.
Sadly i am not exaggerating. U know its going to happen and there is nothing u can do against it.defence looking like its over and every shot ,most preferably with 3*WF goes in...
I know they wont do nothing with it, because like this is ,,interesting and tense,, till the last second :/
rant over
GL in your games


  • Yesterday I had a first game of online Draft. Was 3-3, I missed a lot of chances. At the exact moment I finally got a through ball with two players vs his goalkeeper the referee blows for full time, so extra time was due. Later on, of course I lost the penalty series.
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