New, update 5

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But no fix for the misaligned tables?!!!


  • Kenneth8500
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    @EA_Andy why not? You got the pictures from me, and others, in others threads.
  • After the update my CM is constantly crashing in various screens: before/after player negotiations, calendar screen, line-up screen. And the worst: DURING a match when I pressed 'start' this was by far the most frustrating while I was with Salford in a cup-match, starting 0-2 and at the 88 made 3-2, so happy then the game crashed. These crashes occur constantly. In every 2 minutes almost, it happens while switching to another screen. The background keeps playing but the menu's disappear.
  • PedroR2
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    No major changes again just one tiny thing and they expect that everything will be ok now??
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