Best La Liga GK?

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Who is it? Been using Courtois but wondering if I should try Oblak or Ter Stegen?


  • Seahawks1
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    Any opinions?
  • Riggs006
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    edited October 2019
    Personally I used Oblak and he wasn't too bad but for a 91 rated GK I didn't feel like he was making as many great 1v1 saves that other GK's against me tend to make. For example when I'm playing against Ter Stegen he is always saving low shots that look destined for the corner with his feet, so he's probably been the best GK I've faced so I'd probably recommend giving him a try!
  • Paul9619
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    I have used both Ter Stegen and Oblak and I stuck with Ter Stegen. Found him the better of the two. Although just been on a 6 game losing streak where he couldn’t save a thing. Although to be fair my opponents were scoring all of their shots straight into the top corner
  • Waldfee123
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    Neto ... Oblak and Stegen were crap ...
  • Seahawks1
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    Thanks, any other reviews on Oblak or Ter Stegen over Courtois?
  • LitMane
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    Areola is always amazing against me..
  • Bobo23
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    Ter Stegen all day long!
  • Purplejacket
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    Oblak, ter stegan cant stop anything he cant reach with his feet.
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