Ucl cards

Any tym7
1397 posts Professional
Whats there deal do they get upgraded in future? Dont see whats d point of making them exactly like nif


  • Chavez76
    9873 posts League Winner
    trading method (SBC) / required for objectives I guess
  • Any tym7
    1397 posts Professional
    So there no point to them at all is what ur saying ? Pay extra for a blue background
  • BombSquadPuppy
    2298 posts Fans' Favourite
    Since theyre classed as special, im sure winter refresh will upgrade them
  • Grezzerk
    1699 posts Play-Off Hero
    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ me right off these blue cards because the 84 are classed as walkouts when they quite clearly aren’t as they identical to base card. Also still haven’t updated sissoko price so he extinct at 10k while his gold card sells for more...
  • Pooter
    4802 posts Big Money Move
    I got a funny feeling this year they do per stage of the UCL, a bit like otw. Also like in 19 there were sbcs
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