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Scream Dzeko is a monster

2974 posts National Call-Up
Put him on LST and he will bang goals left and right, even score odd headers from time to time. 5* week foot really helps with near post goals. He is extremly fast with hunter and with long legs, 193cm and 94 composure, he is incredibly dangerous inside the box. This card is the definition of OP.

I do miss heel to heel and he feels clunky sometimes, but I still can't believe EA gave us this player for free. On the top of that, card design is so good.


  • rankon.
    2233 posts Fans' Favourite
    Agreed. Currently the star player in my club, granted I only have 500k to my name. Feels rapid and haven't even noticed his low balance. The ball control and finishing are next level.
  • Wi1son73
    2563 posts Fans' Favourite
    You got that 10 game boost thing EA hands out lol..
    though it does look like a good card
  • Rolandinho
    522 posts An Exciting Prospect
    He is scoring every time, I am facing him
  • Mmandras
    2974 posts National Call-Up
    Wi1son73 wrote: »
    You got that 10 game boost thing EA hands out lol..
    though it does look like a good card

    38 goals in 31 games, way pass that. In fact, he seems to be playing better now that I got used to his workrates and shooting style with both legs. Crazy card. Never saw this combo of 5* wf and such speed and hight. I think this one will b unique and fun card and maybe last even until TOTS. There will be better cards overall, but not like this. And it is such a gift for the early season.
  • AJS-17
    1135 posts Professional
    He's pretty average for me, clunky on the ball, 2 star skills is poor, even with hunter he's not lightening quick, struggles to navigate round defenders and turns like a bus.... He's great for a free card but no way he'll be in my team or even on the bench until TOTS. Can't play a full game with him due to stamina (at least not WL games). His shooting is fantastic in and around the box but his balance is so bad it really lets the card down. Finesse shots are good and strength + height is great as well as the 5* weak foot but the lack of curve he has means you can't whip it around the keeper from an angle, inside the box - fantastic, dribbling, turning, balance + stamina just really really let this card down. Medium/medium often has him wandering about in no mans land too.

    Great for a free card but if you had to buy him with coins I wouldn't bother
  • MortiferVaughan
    246 posts Sunday League Hero
    He's OK in squad battles but tends to not live up to those standards against other players for me. What card do you guys use?
    I put an engine on him but still moves like a slug a lot of the time. I am kind of spoilt with Griezmann and Mertens as my starter duo though haha
  • Mmandras
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    edited October 2019
    Hunter chem for extra speed and even better attacking stats. I don't think that agility and balance can be noticably better.

    He is different style of player than small agile players, you got proper ST and true beast up front. Even Zlatan has just 4* WF. Dzeko is some kind of finishing genius.
  • Foxsake
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    Wak card that never does anything for me moves like ya aunt at a wedding.
  • Recoba
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    Are you playing FIFA 20?
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