Buying FUT Coins

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guys we all know FP are complete rip off, odds of packing a player worth anything is slim. i've learnt this over the years of wasting my money.

i dont buy packs anymore, but im curious why the youtubers and promoters of the game are all tied with 'Coin Disrubters' how is that possible? so the influencers of the game are promoting one of the worst things about the game?

i just dont get it....


  • BigH82
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    Sadly I feel it’s more about turnover for EA, youtubers & coin sellers alike, when it should be a bout enjoyment.

    If there not careful or start playing fair with rewards the whole pack theme will be binned off with anti gambling restrictions, especially on loot box rewards etc

    I’ve lost count on the free objectives packs I’ve opened and got nowt good, then up pops a youtubers or similar packing a prime icon from a purchased item (points/packs). No wonder some folk are getting hooked on the loot box fix

    I love the game but theres work to be done
  • Stone_cold_tea93
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    Buy coins. If you get banned just buy more coins in a new account.
  • Smiley_Utd
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    not gonna lie lads i'd forgotten about this thread aha

    but thanks for the response, I still think its so wrong btw.
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