elite players not tackling

every year i ask the same question and every year people either guess who arnt that level or the guys who are dodge around the question

why do every good player elite+ i play end the game with under 5 tackles and never use the tackle button but when i get the ball they are like an attack dog on me?

before anyone says contain when i use that my players stand 3 foot off there player and do nothing

anyone who says run into them? when i try to run into them i miss

its almost like an aggressive contain they use

any ideas?


  • NotdaGOAT
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    Broken fifa buddy
  • NotdaGOAT wrote: »
    Broken fifa buddy

    yes but thats not really the answer is it?

    if it was broken we would all be doing it

    so how are they doing it?
  • Dinksy
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    pay to win teams do all the defending for them. Most of them just control Kante and run him around the park cutting off passing lanes
  • Dinksy wrote: »
    pay to win teams do all the defending for them. Most of them just control Kante and run him around the park cutting off passing lanes

    mate after a certain level pay to win means nothing

    im talking about guys in div 2 and div 1 playing with there 83 rated icon grind teams

  • FifaGod97
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    All everyone does is LT contain keeps you in position follows every movement with team press. Nothing is manual on this game.

    Or you let the game run the ai towards the player and it switchedsto you last minute for you to make a tackle.
  • DafuqJustHappen
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    Because tackling is useless most of the time. I get an average 16 tackles per game, and some games the opponent still has more shots than me. Tackle, ball goes to him, tackle, ball to him again, third time's the charm you'd think? WRONG! 4th time is the charm, if he doesn't get into shooting position, that is.
    Well, that's how it used to be. After getting Pique and Militao in center, it's an absolute tacklefest. They're both crazy good at sliding tackles. And crazy good at jockeying - which means fewer standing tackles for me, as I rely more on their auto-tackles from jockeying.
  • mojav
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    They should scrap auto tackle!!! i always try and press the tackle button but it is so frustrating when they are controlling the CDM when im near the fullback and he will auto tackle when i knock it past!!

    Everyone should be forced to switch to the closest player and challenge for the ball in some way.
  • protzbischof
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    Because tacklng is useless this year once again. Just jockey into a player and u have the ball lol.
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