They can patch all they want, nothing will change if servers are still 💩

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enough said


  • Fifa_Hawk_85
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    I've been saying this in multiple threads that no patch can fix this issue it will require time and money and that doesn't suit EA. SB was smooth and responsive last night so as much as I hate that mode if its playable I think I will just stick with that and maybe a few rivals games to get rank 2. Wont be playing WL until the conditions are a bit better.
  • Roobar
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    Erghh i always moan about it, I hate it, I stay up silly o clock on Saturday nights and it's so smooth, then Sundays its a mess, same saturday day time, I know it's not my internet as I play loads of games and right now I am at 13ms ping elsewhere... soooo annoying
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