Those who switched to PS4 this year

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has it been all good? do you regret your decision?


  • Asht1981
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    Dont know what game play is like on xbox this year but the ps4 sucks ❤️❤️❤️❤️ at the mo plus tiny controller I regret it so much, seems to be more idiots rage messaging u etc aswel,
  • Retro1989
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    Switched from PC.

    Mainly for the transfer market, players are slightly more toxic on console but that's too be expected since kids are more likely to have a console than a gaming pc.

    I miss the smoother FPS and load times though from PC.
  • Martythedoc
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    It's fine. Controller is awful. The sticks are so poor though

    But I'll get better with them over time
  • Guys if you hate the DS4 invest in a Mayflash NS, it's a legit quality adapter for the XB1 controller to work on the PS4 console

    Honestly i'm normally very weary of 3rd party hardware but it's absolutely superb, the company update the software if necessary and it's much better than buying a trash 3rd party clone XB controller which breaks after a month.
  • nightscrawler
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    I switched from xbox for the transfer mkt and easier to match with players.

    The original PS4 controllers suck...and I am using the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2 all time now.
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