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How many free kicks have you scored / conceded?

4100 posts National Call-Up
253 games in....

Scored 1 , POTM Vela , Squad battle

Conceded 0


  • jackm57
    2427 posts Fans' Favourite
    edited October 2019
    Scored 1 free kick with an Eredivise 75 rated player.

    Scored from 2 corners.

    Haven't conceded a free kick yet
  • Nelmser
    581 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Scored 0
    Conceded 1

    In 200 ish games
  • Kulman
    779 posts Semi-Pro
    In about 150 games. Scored 3 maybe with Potm Lewa. Now trying them with base Roberto Carlos but havent score any. Conceded 0
  • oldboiler
    2392 posts Fans' Favourite
    FK scored 0 conceded 0

    Scored a tonne of corners though with Ramos and Pique
  • GK93
    721 posts Professional
    Scored 4 conceded 1 in about 250 games
  • HulkSmashPotato
    644 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Scored 0
    Conceded 1

    100 games
  • nexesstar
    275 posts Sunday League Hero
    Scored 2, conceded 1.

    230 odd games.
  • Malg
    182 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    None and none
  • BadSeedsFC
    973 posts Professional
    Scored 4
    Conceded 0

    Around 170 games or so...
  • Mr_Matchup1
    5694 posts Big Money Move
    Scored 5 (Bruno Fernandes)
    Conceded 1
    About 130 games
  • joehuk
    3631 posts National Call-Up
    edited October 2019
    Scored 0
    Conceded 0

    They' feel So broken not matter what I try and do. Yes I went into training mode with them and began getting the feel of them but in game it's different.. shots were not going where they were in training.

    Last year scored loads.
  • Bobo23
    1582 posts Play-Off Hero
    Had only scored one until this weekend, but since I've got Roberto Carlos, he's scored 5 this weekend alone.

    Conceded 2 overall
  • Pooter
    4272 posts National Call-Up
    IG scored 0 conceded 1
  • BlactionMan
    224 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Easily scored my first ever free kick with my loan icon (cant even remember who it was). Never scored or conceded once since
  • MuzzaLUFC
    1472 posts Play-Off Hero
    Scored 1 with Suarez the other day, a knuckle ball one.. conceded my first one about 45 minutes ago - Lucas Digne

    Scored them for fun in previous Fifa’s. They do look a lot better when they go in in Fifa 20 though...
  • Fifa_Hawk_85
    14777 posts World Class
    Have played about 250 games and scored around 20-25 maybe more as I haven't been keeping count. Was scoring almost every one I got from just outside the edge of the box with Eriksen then changed my team up and was scoring them now and again but not consistently. Made a new team last night with Eriksen in it and I would imagine I will score alot more again.

    I keep it simple and dont touch the spin thing I just aim a a bit before the top corner and put 2-3 bars of power on and then use timed finishing and as long as its white or green they usually fly in the top corner. Just a tip incase people are complicating them with that spin and all, just keep it simple as it works.

    Have conceded maybe 5-10.
  • Illini McG
    510 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Everyone passes to another player at this point. Thanks for making free kicks irrelevant EA.
  • lastfifa
    2088 posts Fans' Favourite
    Something like 250 games. Scored 1, conseded 0. One i scored was 90min winner in rivals.
  • Nervous_Nick
    6186 posts Big Money Move
    Malg wrote: »
    None and none

  • JoyW
    2627 posts Fans' Favourite
    Kulman wrote: »
    In about 150 games. Scored 3 maybe with Potm Lewa. Now trying them with base Roberto Carlos but havent score any. Conceded 0

    How is Carlos?

    And I conceded 1 it was today. Scored zero
  • Mmandras
    2974 posts National Call-Up
    0/0. Free kicks need review.
  • MazerM
    62 posts Park Captain
    Scored 2 in sb (both Aubameyang, top corner knuckle ball), 0 online. Conceded 0.
  • FubarRipper
    587 posts An Exciting Prospect
    around 200 games, scored 4 and conceded a couple.
  • Aqeel87
    2916 posts Fans' Favourite
    0 scored
    0 conceded
    Worst freekick mechanic ever
  • MaestroPirlo21
    1501 posts Play-Off Hero
    I've scored maybe 5 or 6 free kicks, but a lot of the time I never really had a "free-kick specialist". I've scored with Parejo early on and just last night I scored with Paco Alcacer.
  • ARhymingApe
    125 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    In 100 games have had only 3 in scoring position scored 0.

    Gave up 50 or so. Conceded 0.
  • Hrh1995
    1220 posts Professional
    scored one conceded one
  • Jrmcsorley85
    439 posts Sunday League Hero
    scored 1 conceded 0 and only scored as it was messi online draft.. free kicks ruined this year imo
  • Flymi
    548 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Tbh I've stopped trying. Just pass it off now lol
  • PaulDr
    703 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Scored one in squad battles. Not conceded any. I haven't a clue what you do with them, they always scoop up limply. I usually just pass and shoot. Tried a driven low free kick when I was chasing the objective, I would have needed a divot or a beachball to score from it.
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