Don’t you have any responsibility of your broken product/servers?

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First time in Fifa 20 era, WL was playable on Friday and Saturday, now on Sunday morning the delay is unbearable, as it was on thursday night on Rivals and in the beginning of the first 2 WL on Fridays back then.

No other major game has such issues where you can play mostly at nights, a product you have bought. Servers have been discussed for years, yet nothing has happened, seems to get even worse. On early access there were no such issues at all so obviously you are not keen on doing anything about the servers to make them able to handle the player base or simply getting more to actually make the game play as it’s supposed to play.

Obviously nothing done about the horrendous lag compensation either, where the player with worse connection/4G gets the advantage and player playing with a proper connection will get punished in the form of delay/slowness. Rainbow Six Siege had similar problem in the beginning, guess what, Ubisoft solved it within weeks. The game had it’s fair share of problems in the beginning but as the developers actually communicated with the community, the game actually became one of the most popular esports games and feels well balanced game today.

Well next week call of duty is coming out, pre order is in and it will be nice to get on with a game where you know you can play the game when YOU want not when the game decides you can play lag free, again unbelievable to experience anything else in 2019. The fact that I like football games and creating my own team of players I like has kept me playing Fifa for so long but I can assure if you keep overlooking the problems year after year, eventually there is a limit when playerbase gets fed up and quits for good.


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    Servers again horrible in Rivals, one sided delay, so good for already broken chem team trying to do the challenges, but nobody cares I guess.
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    U know its sad when you turn on the game and get a match just to see if gameplay is delayed unfortunately its been like that since fifa 15
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