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Beyond a joke now!!!

1037 posts Professional
How the hell is quitting at 1-0 up and the other player losing still a thing!!

Just playing a game in WL and other player quits at 1-0 and I get the loss with over a half to go!!

This is a joke!!


  • PaulDr
    683 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Did it count as a game played though? When that has happened to me, I still have the same number of games left as I did before the match.
  • Torn4do
    1037 posts Professional
    Yes counted as a game played and awarded me 400 points for DR.

    So frustrating knowing someone cheated you out of a game and a possible win!
  • Dawud
    16131 posts World Class
    Did it say you lost connection to ea servers?
  • Rayize
    406 posts Sunday League Hero
    Are your sure it was him quitting after going 1-0 up? Maybe just a bad time for a connection hiccup? Haven't seen anyone vs me go one up then quit and have probably have 150 games online.
  • mojav
    388 posts Sunday League Hero
    This happened to me first week... I was life WTF!

    Started coming into the game and dominating then pause quit 1-0 up with half a game left i lose...
  • Fifapayne
    1263 posts Professional
    No game the opponent quits and you get a loss...your connection dropped so you got the loss.
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