Gold objective, wk4 not registering

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Trying to complete the gold objective but the pacey passer isn't registering.
Loads of assists in rivals with Gelson, Henry O and Ikone.
I've tried going in and out of UT and restarting the game. Stil not working


  • CustardHippo
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    I had this problem too, but when I had completed all the others it finally popped.

    Not sure why... I had the assists in the game before and it stayed incomplete, but then won the next 1-0 (no assist) and got the only other objective left, and it popped.
  • shepj6
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    Pretty sure in another thread someone said it needs to be 1 assist only, so sub him off after the assist?
  • RoosterBlue
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    I've completed the rest whilst trying this one. Nothing.
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