Bugs Still To Fix...

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1. Editing a player outside of Career Mode still changes a player's Overall and Position, thus still broken. You fixed it in Edit Player inside Career Mode, why not outside of it too!? Baffled..

2. When you've edited a player and then saved him, you then get taken back to the Austrian league and have to search all the way back to your team! This is time consuming for editing multiple players at the same time and wasnt an issue in Fifa 19. You should be taken back to the team and player you were editing!

3. When you go to Edit Player the Leagues / Teams aren't in Alphabetical order, which is very confusing!

4. Still can't create a player taller than 6,2"

5. Goal Difference column has been added back (should of never been taken out), but due to this a new bug messes up the league table by misaligning the columns!

6. Jesse Lingard (and other players) has his LOD bug back from Fifa 19, which was fixed when you added his new starhead in November. Please re-fix it!

7. Shadow / graphical issue with some players. Milinkovic-Savic an example..

Can you please pass this on @EA_Andy @EA_Rtas @EA_Cian
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