I refuse paying full price

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Im from Turkey, i payed full price for FIFA 20 as like European or American players but
they have close server(its really big issuue) we have not, they have announcer support we have not, we dont have regional pricing, no Turkish origin support, but we are paying same price where is the god damn justice ?


  • Denisianes
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    Let me get this straight. You refuse to pay the full price for Fifa 20, but you have paid the full price for Fifa 20? :joy:

    You can get it for around 35% off from sites like CDkeys. Problem is that's too much as well.
  • oasishunter
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    i buyed reduced price but its still to much, in my country offical minumum salary is 2000tl and fifa 20 is 60euro it means 388 tl 2000/388 nearly 1/5, in european countries average salary is 3500, 3500/60 1/58 now can you understand we definitely need regional pricing. (sorry for bad english)
  • maksi
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    So you apply the same logic to cars and other stuff? I don't have money to buy sports car so i have a right to buy it at reduced price?
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